Lindsay & David - Paperweight FilmsWe are Lindsay and David, a husband and wife team.

The first time we met, we held hands. Since then, we’ve been side-by-side through school, long distances, career changes, achievements, failures and even life on a small farm. We’re partners in every sense and the best of friends. We bring a complimentary set of skills not only to our business, but to our lives. We’re in year four of our marriage and try to spend every day loving, learning and laughing together.

We think wedding films are a little like marriage – it takes a lot of love and respect to get them right. Which is why we love getting to know each couple we work with before their wedding. It not only informs our storytelling, but it allows all of us to develop the level of trust and comfort necessary to capture the intimate moments of a wedding day. And working in a decidedly unobtrusive way at the wedding, we not only capture the truest moments, but maintain the highest level of respect for everyone involved.

We’d love to learn more about you, your story, and how we can be a part of documenting your wedding day.

Photo courtesy of Jenny Moloney Photography

We’d love to get to know you in person, over the phone, via email or video chat.  Here’s the first step. Or if you’d prefer, email us at lindsay [at] paperweightfilms [dot] com or call us at 925-895-4122.

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